G. Gus
I Am The Fire

Hard Heavy
Century Media

Gus G. : guitars, bass, keyboards


Alexia Rodriguez (vocals)
Billy Sheehan (bass)
Blake Allison (vocals)
Daniel Erlandsson (drums)
David Ellefson (bass)
Jacob Bunton (vocals)
Jeff Friedl (drums)
Jeff Scott Soto (vocals)
Kevin Churko (bass, drums)
Marty O'Brien (bass)
Mats Leven (vocals)
Michael Starr (vocals)
Tom S. Englund (vocals)

1 - My Will Be Done

2 - Blame It On Me

3 - I Am The Fire

4 - Vengeance

5 - Long Way Down

6 - Just Can't Let Go

7 - Terrified

8 - Eyes Wide Open

9 - Redemption

10 - Summer Days

11 - Dreamkeeper

12 - End Of The Line

13 - Without You [Japan Bonus Track]

Gus G.: Engineering

Jay Ruston: Engineering

Kevin Churko: Engineering

Mat Dauzat: Engineering

Steve Conley: Engineering

Stratos Karagiannidis: Engineering

Kevin Churko: Mastering

Paul Logus: Mastering

Jay Ruston: Mixing

Kevin Churko: Mixing

Gus G.: Production

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