The Great Fall

Melodic Metal
Nuclear Blast

Christian Liljegren Rivel : lead and backing vocals
Martin Claesson : keyboards
Andreas Olsson : bass
Carl Johan Grimmark : lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
Andreas Johansson : drums


Anders Johansson (drums)
Eric Clayton (lead vocals)
Per Hagstrom (backing vocals)

1 - War Preludium

2 - The Countdown Has Begun

3 - Back From Hell

4 - No Time To Lose

5 - Innocent Blood

6 - Ground Zero

7 - Judgement Day

8 - Desert Land

9 - The Great Fall Of Man

Anders Johansson: Engineering

Carl Johan Grimmark: Engineering

Per Hallman: Engineering

Rainer Mittelstadt: Engineering

Peter In De Betou: Mastering

Carl Johan Grimmark: Mixing

Carl Johan Grimmark: Production

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