Hackney Diamonds

Rolling Stones / Polydor

Andrew Watt : bass, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Steve Jordan : drums
Keith Richards : guitars, bass, backing vocals
Ron Wood : guitars, backing vocals
Mick Jagger : lead and backing vocals, harmonica
Matt Clifford : keyboards


Alyssa Park (violin)
Benmont Tench (hammond)
Bill Wyman (bass)
Charlie Bisharat (violin)
Charlie Watts (drums)
David Campbell (conductor, string arrangements)
Elton John (piano)
Jacob Braun (cello)
James King (sax)
Jenny Takamatsu (violin)
Karlos Edwards (percussions)
Lady Gaga (lead vocals)
Luke Maurer (viola)
Michele Richards (violin)
Paul McCartney (bass)
Paula Hochhalter (cello)
Philip Vaiman (violin)
Ron Blake (trumpet)
Sara Parkins (violin)
Songa Lee (violin)
Stevie Wonder (keyboards, piano)
Suzie Katayama (contractor)
Tereza Stanislav (violin)
Tom Lea (viola)

1 - Angry

2 - Get Close

3 - Depending On You

4 - Bite My Head Off

5 - Whole Wide World

6 - Dreamy Skies

7 - Mess It Up

8 - Live By The Sword

9 - Driving Me Too Hard

10 - Tell Me Straight

11 - Sweet Sounds Of Heaven

12 - Rolling Stone Blues

13 - Living In A Ghost Town [Japan Bonus Track]

14 - Shattered (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

15 - Angry (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

16 - Whole Wide World (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

17 - Tumbling Dice (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

18 - Bite My Head Off (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

19 - Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

20 - Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (Live At Racket, NYC) [Live Edition Bonus Disc]

Ali Tamposi: Engineering

Barnabas Poffley: Engineering

Carl Bespolka: Engineering

Cheno Wang: Engineering

Dani Perez: Engineering

Dave O'Donnell: Engineering

Don Was: Engineering

Joe Brice: Engineering

Joe Dougherty: Engineering

John Costello: Engineering

John Rooney: Engineering

Kelsey Porter: Engineering

Krish Sharma: Engineering

Lars Fox: Engineering

Lee Foster: Engineering

Marco Sonzini: Engineering

Matt Clifford: Engineering

Paul La Malfa: Engineering

Pierre De Beauport: Engineering

Rich Evatt: Engineering

Tommy Turner: Engineering

Bryce Bordone: Mixing

Serban Ghenea: Mixing

Andrew Watt: Production

Don Was: Production

The Glimmer Twins: Production

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